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Easter Crafts for Babies

Impossible? I hear you.

There is no pressure at all to do anything special over festive days, but if you wanted to give a few things a try, here’s some ideas:

  1. Water Play

You know the plastic eggs you can hide stuff in? Pop some water in a tray (or use the bath) and throw in the eggs for some pouring, splashing and scooping fun. You could also do this with dry things like rice, oats or pasta.

2. Decorating eggs

For younger babies and toddlers, cutting out an egg shape and letting them go wild with any art materials you fancy is a less stressful option than real eggs! You could also cut egg shapes out of any existing artwork you already have. Older children can design more elaborate egg shapes.

3. Hand/footprints

You can turn footprints into bunnies by adding two ears to the heel, handprints into chicks of the lowest of effort: thumb/fingerprints into decorated eggs.

4. Spring activities

Spread a blanket outside and spend some time noticing new growth, planting seeds or visiting a farm. A family almanac can be an easy way to get in touch with the seasons, and often includes seasonal recipes and activities.

5. Songs/rhymes

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