Questions about using cloth nappies?
Want to try some out? 

Curious about wash routines?

Pregnant and want to know more?


We can help!

Our friendly volunteers have plenty of information on cloth nappies to help you get started or troubleshoot issues. You can find them at a range of New Baby Network wevents. 


Our dedicated monthly sessions will be starting soon! In the meantime, would you like us to visit your group? Contact:


We are setting up nappy “kits” that you can borrow for 2 weeks to practice using, washing and work out which styles you like best.

The links to register for a kit, to list the contents and full details will be available soon! 


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Want to volunteer for the library?

Want to volunteer to support in our nappy library? If you’ve used cloth nappies, are confident in talking about different types and washing methods, or even if you just want to help with some of the administration/record keeping, get in touch!