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Every parent deserves to thrive in parenthood.


New Baby Network connects you together in safe, non-judgmental spaces so you can create a strong social network.


Our peer supporters empower you in your parenting choices with empathetic listening and evidence-based information.


We support you in your parenting choices. 

Every step of the way.


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What parents say about New Baby Network...

“I have found this group invaluable in terms of a network and a place to meet and connect with like minded mums. It has really improved my post partum experience. Every volunteer I’ve met have been wonderful. Thank you for creating this group.”


“I have found coming here so useful and helpful, I absolutely love it and feel I get so much support. Really helps especially days when your feeling so lonely as a mum”

“There was a peacefulness and a quiet companionship that made it feel welcoming whilst your own baby just played with the toys (and other babies) that were there. The first time I went there I had recently suffered a personal loss in the family and I found myself pouring it out to a volunteer whilst cradling my one month old. The lady was caring, supportive and sympathetic. Every time, I went thereafter, she always took the time to ask how I was doing whilst slipping a hot tea and a biscuit in my hand. If that’s not community care, what is?”