Ellie and Brianna - two white women wearing glasses - Ellie has a pen in her mouth and there are two children playing in the background. A caption reads 'How anything at the New Baby Network gets done - sitting in a hallway while children rampage!'

How it started...

New Baby Network CIC. It’s a very grand name for two mom friends who found the transition to parenthood incredibly intense and overwhelming. Through building our social network together, we found ourselves more confident and able to cope – we want to do the same for other parents!


In June 2018 Brianna looked across the table, strewn with bits of food and a spillage, caught Ellie’s eye and said ‘So I want to set up a group for new parents…want to do it with me?’ We had ‘meetings’ during our playdates, kids crawling through the middle. Ellie had another baby. We messaged and planned through nap traps on the sofa and night feeds. After our wonderful third director Louise joined us, the New Baby Network was born.


When covid hit two years later we knew it was going to be incredibly tough on parents and carers of little children. As a little organisation we could move quickly and adapt to the new ‘zoom’ world. We were awarded our first funding, started virtual ‘Wellbeing Workshops’ and a ‘New Baby Course’. Brianna had another baby. The network was growing!


Meet our directors!

Brianna - a white woman wearing rainbow glasses, with long auburn hair is smiling at the camera

Hi I’m Brianna!


I am an IBCLC and run the infant feeding peer support training courses. You’ll see me at our face to face groups as well. 


I love supporting people with their feeding journeys and especially love seeing them come back and train to pass on their experience to other families. Watching parents supporting parents is so rewarding. I’m an executive director.

A photo of Louise - a mixed race woman with black hair who is smiling at the camera

Hi I’m Louise 


I’m a breastfeeding Counsellor, Peer Support Trainer, and Doula who has been supporting families for over a decade.


I founded Diversity in Infant Feeding after noticing the distinct lack of diverse representation in the infant feeding world. The organisation aims to change how infant feeding is portrayed by promoting inclusivity and increasing representation through online platforms and an online image bank. I’m an executive director.

Hi I’m Deena!
I’m American. It’s a feature that can’t be missed. I come from a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m a student experience professional at a local university, and my background is within the education sector. I have a passion for social justice and ensuring that marginalised voices are central to work that benefits them.
As mom to Ezra, over the last few years I have become passionate about supporting new parents and their babies, and I believe it’s crucial that parents have accessible, inclusive, empathetic, and fact-based support at their disposal.

Hi I’m Marêmé!


I am a Muslim woman, wife and mother to two boys. When I’m not absolutely consumed by this, I am a birth coach and infant feeding peer supporter.


I believe that what happens in the early months sets that family up for life. I am passionate about helping families get off to the best start with high quality, culturally and religiously specific infant feeding education.

Hi I’m Sarah!
I’m a Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner and Infant Feeding Coach. My previous roles have been in women’s coaching, community work and charity management. My passions are building community and supporting people to know their POWER in their world.
I’m a mum to a 5 year old boy and 7 year old spaniel, in my spare time you’ll find me developing my witchy side or living the ‘van life.
Hi, I’m Shelina!
I am an Infant Feeding peer supporter. I am passionate about supporting women navigate through their perinatal journeys and forging a path of renewed self-identity as they embrace motherhood. I dispense evidence-based information on different infant feeding practices so families can make informed decisions right for them.
I encourage mums to tap into their intuition to be more attuned with their baby’s needs. I look forward to serving families, particularly those from under-represented communities in a culturally sensitive and respectful way.
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How it's going...

The network is truly involved in creating itself – our directors regularly run groups as peers, our volunteers feel comfortable being part of decision making and we are built based on the needs of those who come to our groups. We ask. We listen. We make it happen!


Since those first years the network has grown so much. We now have over 30 trained infant feeding volunteers running groups across Dudley and Birmingham. Parents have had their first, second, third babies coming to our groups. They’ve wanted to pass on the support they got by training with us and volunteering their time. 


No person parenting is ‘just a mom’, ‘just a dad’ or ‘just a carer’. You are skilled, thoughtful, and strong. You learn, change and grow.


We want to connect you with others,

empower you in your choices and

support you on this journey.

What our volunteers say about training with New Baby Network...

“The work that New Baby Network do is astoundingly good and necessary. This course is one of the most engaging ones I’ve done (in any field/subject) due to the variety of course materials and flexibility in answering questions and submitting assignments. In addition, the warmth and kindness that Brianna has shown throughout the course…”

“Helpful, it was so nice to be able to bring my baby too and for it to be such a relaxed (but hard working!) environment.”

‘Amazing guidance and support by Brianna throughout this course. Really welcoming and chilled out environment for all. I’m really glad I got this opportunity to gain some confidence in an area that I feel passionate in supporting in.’


“A safe and supportive environment to share ideas and thoughts, reflect and learn. It was ok to get things wrong and be unsure and this aided the learning environment. Brianna is an excellent facilitator.”