Is this normal?! Postnatal Body

Finding it hard to sleep?
Sweating A LOT at nighttime?
Skin changes?
Losing your hair?

Firstly, there are lots of different ‘normals’ out there, everyone’s normal will be different! But there are lots of body changes in the postnatal months that you might not have heard of or expected. Your hormones will be changing and adjusting all the time.

Some of the changes you might notice:
– Night Sweats
– Insomnia (this is common but check in with your Health Visitor if it persists!)
– Skin changes including dryness, acne and stretch marks
– Hair loss
– reduced libido
– vaginal dryness
– Being really thirsty if you are breastfeeding

Many of these will gradually fade given time, just like stretch marks! Of course if any of them are worrying you it’s OK to seek reassurance from your healthcare professional.

Feel free to listen to your body and take it easy. With time your body will find a new normal.

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