Written and delivered by Wellbeing Coach Katie MacLeod Peters our Wellbeing Workshops are designed for mothers of children under two years of age. They are £10 per session. Please feel free to bring your children with you!

Numbers will be limited to 10 families per session so that each person can have a personalised and interactive experience. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health so let’s dedicate some time to it and give it the attention it deserves!

Our next Wellbeing Workshop will be ‘Relationships’ (see description below) at Cotteridge Friends Meeting House on Saturday July 24th – email newbabynetwork@gmail.com to reserve a place.

  1. What is Wellbeing?

Explore what wellbeing is for you and what it looks like now you’re a parent. We will introduce evidence-based approaches to wellbeing and how we can apply these learnings to our individual lives. Tune in with your partner or friends, meet other parents and spend some time focusing on your own wellbeing. Leave with a deeper understanding of what you need in your life to feel good and an effective, personalised plan to make that happen.

  1. Self Compassion

As parents showing kindness and compassion to others comes quite naturally, yet we can be incredibly harsh to ourselves. This session will introduce the concept of self-compassion with some simple practices to easily add into your daily life. Together, we will shine a light on our inner critic, notice when we are most harsh to ourselves and access kinder alternatives.

  1. Strengths and Values

This session provides a rare opportunity to think about what’s really important to us (our values) and what we do well (our strengths). We can feel an enormous sense of wellbeing when we tap into our strengths and live in alignment with our values. Bring along your partner or friends for a reflective and uplifting session. Leave with a clear vision of how you can put your strengths and values into action. 

  1. ABC of Resilience

We can build resilience by bringing awareness to our stress signs, understanding our ‘stress bucket’ and cultivating effective strategies both for immediate relief and longer-term prevention. This session will enable both learning and reflection on the concept of cumulative stress and resilience. Leave with an individualised cue card detailing your own ABC plan to feel more resilient and in control of stress in your life.

  1. Wellness Planning

We plan the kids’ childcare, playdates, meals (on a good week!) so let’s bring those skills to our own wellbeing. Katie will walk you through an illuminating traffic light wellness planning process to identify what it looks like when you’re doing well (green), less well (amber) or not well (red) and what tools and strategies you have or can acquire to move out of difficult times and into the (green) light!

  1. Relationships

Becoming a parent can create new life-long connections and affirm existing ones. But if you’re anything like every other parent on the planet you may feel like Lucy Lonely and Nathalie No-Mates at times. Bring your partner or friends and join other parents in an intimate workshop where we’ll reflect on which relationships are truly supportive and nourishing, what gets in the way of reaching out and how we can create the modern day village.


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