Self Care as a New Parent

Looking after yourself in the early days after having a baby can feel impossible, and when you do take a moment to yourself there might even be feelings of guilt. However, self care is absolutely essential for being able to meet the needs of your baby.

In the early days, acts of self-care aren’t necessarily big, time-consuming activities. Self-care can be small acts done when you have a few minutes to yourself.

It can be making sure that you have a decent lunch, that you drink a hot cuppa, that you brush your teeth twice a day. Maybe you do that youtube yoga video or you meet up for that walk in the park and make time for a favourite hobby.

It could be taking a minute to close your eyes and take three deep breaths, emptying your mind and noticing how your body feels before you answer the 100th ‘muuuuuum’ of the day.

Taking these moments to prioritise yourself and meet your needs builds resilience. It’s like pressing your ‘reset’ button.

❤ Self-care is NOT selfish
💜 Self-care is ESSENTIAL