Free, Downloadable Perinatal Planner



The workbook is TOTALLY FREE to download and takes you through some of the things to consider when getting ready for after you’ve had your baby (not pregnancy or birth!). This is called your ‘postnatal plan’.



Keep it somewhere both you and your supporters can access it easily, and don’t forget to look at it when baby is here!



If you would like support in creating a postnatal recovery plan then why not book onto one of our groups? You can find there all here.



These are led by experienced peer supporters and attended by other local families both before and after the arrival of their babies!


What's in the planner?

The planner is divided into 7 sections: my network; my body; my mind; my supporter; my home; my work/finances and out and about. Start it as early as you like and update it as often as you feel necessary. The useful links in each section are a great starting point if you’re not sure what to write, and of course you can talk your health professionals, partner, friends and family to help you work out your thoughts and preferences. Each part has some guided questions to start you off, but do expand as much as you need and ignore the things that don’t work for you.

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