A relaxed and friendly baby club to connect with other local families as you explore parenting together. With singing and baby singing at the end of each session and monthly workshops on the ‘big’ topics (eg. sleep!).

Mondays 1.30-2.30pm Thimblemill Library (termtime)


We also run the workshops out of our Milk Mates group!

What parents who have come along say:

The sessions gave me reasons behind my babies changes in behaviour. I can parent with confidence knowing that the changes my baby goes through or natural and normal and it’s nothing I’m doing wrong. Every baby is different, but it was useful to be taught about the similarities of baby progression and regression.’

Workshop Descriptions:

1. Infant Feeding:

Share your feeding journey so far and be supported with current challenges and experiences. This is a non-judgmental space where all can access support regardless of feeding choices. Take a look at introducing solids.

2. Postnatal Body

Talk about the changes to your body over pregnancy, through birth and on into your recovery. We look at how we can support our own recovery and think about our changed body.

3. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing as a parent is so important and in this session we look at how to protect and grow our wellbeing. This may look different now you have a little baby. We also take a look at postnatal mental health.

4. Sleep

By looking at the science of sleep we look at normal infant sleep in the first year. Sleep deprivation can really take its toll in the early days so we will think of ways to help cope with these sleep changes.

5. Attachment and Relationships

Attachment is the growing relationship between you and your baby. This week we explore how to build and encourage a secure bond. We look at how parenthood affects the other relationships around you.

6. What Next?

Whether you are choosing to return to work, stay at home or something else we will explore your rights and choices. What will life look like with an older baby?

Book by clicking the link above or email newbabynetwork@gmail.com to book your place!


We thank Sandwell Council of Voluntary Organisations for the funding for this project.


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