Supporting Neurodivergent Families:
Antenatal, Birth, and Postnatal Care in Dudley

Our Partnership



New Baby Network CIC is thrilled to collaborate with Autistic Parents UK on this groundbreaking project for Neurodivergent families across the Dudley Borough. This initiative is made possible by the generous funding of Dudley CVS.


Our Mission


We understand the unique challenges and needs that Neurodivergent families face during pregnancy, birth, and the early days of parenthood (the first 1001 days). Our project aims to create a supportive and understanding environment, equipping families with resources to navigate this journey with confidence.


Project Components:

  • Peer Support Sessions: Monthly sessions connect you with trained Neurodivergent peer supporters, providing a safe and inclusive space to share experiences and build community.
  • Fully Funded Peer Support Training: We support Neurodivergent parents by providing free peer support training, fostering a network of informed advocates.
  • Sensory Birth Kit: Recognising the impact of sensory experiences, our loanable birth kit provides tools and strategies to create a more comfortable and personalised birth environment.
  • Neurodivergent-Focused Antenatal Course: Designed by Neurodivergent practitioners trained by the University of Worcester, NCT and BfN, this course covers essential skills for pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood, focusing on communication strategies and sensory adaptations tailored to your needs.

What We Offer

This project offers Neurodivergent parents-to-be, parents with Neurodivergent children, and Neurodivergent families in Dudley:

  1. Community Connection: Reduce isolation and build a strong support network.
  2. Practical Strategies: Gain valuable tools for navigating pregnancy, birth, and early parenthood.
  3. Advocacy Skills: Learn effective communication methods to express your needs confidently.
  4. Sensory Support: Enhance your birth experience with tailored strategies.


Get Involved and  Stay Updated


If you’re interested in joining our supportive community for Neurodivergent families in Dudley, please contact us! Email Ruth at for more information about peer support, training opportunities, and upcoming project offerings. 


Together, we’re building a more supportive and inclusive future for Neurodivergent families in the Dudley Borough!